In Memory – Mary Jean (Brooks) Brock, 1940-41 Kiltie

*Whenever possible, the obituaries of Kiltie Alumni will be posted. It is important to remember those who marched before us.*


Mary Jean Brock

Mary Jean Brooks Brock died Saturday, May 13, 2017 in Springfield, MO where she was born and lived for a full and happy 93 years.

The only child of May Mote Brooks and Andrew Johnson Brooks, she was born on April 4, 1924. She lived on North Broadway in Springfield in a typical depression era household with grandparents, parents and aunts until she was 12 years old. Every weekend, she and her parents would travel to Marshfield, MO to visit her paternal grandmother, Martha Johnson Brooks, widow of Mary Jean’s grandfather who died days before she was born, Dr. Andrew Johnson Brooks. Although she never knew him, Mrs. Brock held lifelong pride for Dr. Brooks who graduated from what is now Washington University Medical School and who saw patients in his Marshfield office and traveled on horseback to others who could not come into town.

Mrs. Brock attended Central High School, then Springfield Senior High School, where she was a proud member and drum captain of the Kiltie Drum Corp and where at age 16 she met her true love, Phillip C. Brock. She attended Southwest Missouri State, now Missouri State University.

She and Mr. Brock were married in 1944. Together they and their four children were the center of a large extended family of grandparents, great-grandparents and great-aunts and uncles, all of whom lived in Springfield and were the beneficiaries of fun, happy holiday events hosted by Mrs. Brock.

Mrs. Brock was a longtime member of Campbell Avenue Methodist Church where she and Mr. Brock were married on September 24, 1944. She and Mr. Brock were among the first 50 members of Twin Oaks Country Club, founding members of Le Soirre Dance Club and members of numerous private bridge and supper clubs in Springfield.

Preceded in death by her husband of 69 1/2 years, Mrs. Brock is survived by her four children, Sherry, Sandy, Sunday and Stephen, eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Survivors include Sherry Brock Delo (Jack) of St. Louis and their daughters Stacey Brooks Delo Madway (Gabe) and children, Rory and Toby; Carrice Brock Delo McKenna (Mark), and children, Finnegan and Tucker, all of San Francisco, CA; Sandra Jean Brock and daughters Amy Anderson Simmons (Marshal), and children Riley Jean and Brock; Billie Jean Anderson Woods (John), and children Embrey and Violet, all of Kansas City; Sunday Brock Molen (Ron) of Hilton Head, SC and children, Matthew Roberts (Paige) of Kansas City, and Marne Molen Hartman (Andy), and children Madelyn Brooks and Cooper of Toledo, OH; Stephen Brock, Springfield, and children Christopher (Sonja) and children, Lilly and Hadley; and Lauren Brock Merritt (Matt) all of Dallas, TX.

The Brock children extend warm and thankful gratitude to Hall 200 staff at Elfindale Manor for the exceptional care and attention given to their mother.

Services will be held at 2:30 pm at Gorman-Scharpf on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Following the service a celebration of life will be held at the home of the son. Burial will be private at Eastlawn Cemetery

Published in the News-Leader from May 15 to May 17, 2017

Kiltie Constitution – 1968 Edition

Constitution of the Kiltie Drum Corps

(Revised in August 1968 by a majority vote of the Corps)


The purpose of the Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps is to stimulate school spirit, promote a closer relationship with the public through acts of community service and performances, and to display high standards.

Article I

Section 1  The corps shall consist of thirty-nine members selected by the requirements herein set forth.

  1. Any girl of incoming sophomore standing may apply for membership.
  2. Girls are to be approved by the sponsor and the administrative assistant.
  3. Girls must have a B- grade average.
  4. Girls must meet with personal standards stated in Article IV.
  5. Girls shall be given standard ability test in marching, rhythm, and pitch.
  6. Girls shall attend practice during the summer months of June and August. This includes all members.

Section 2  Membership in the corps shall be for the term of a girl’s junior and senior years.
Section 3  All bagpipers must try out each summer in order to maintain that position.

Article II

Section 1  The administrative officers shall be as follows:

  1. Majorette
  2. Bagpipe Captain
  3. Drum Captain
  4. Trumpet Captain
  5. Assistant Majorette
  6. Assistant Bagpipe Captain
  7. Assistant Drum Captain
  8. Assistant Trumpet Captain

All administrative positions are held by senior girls.
Section 2  Executive officers shall be elected during the last week of June practice.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Historian
  6. Parliamentarian
  7. Reporter
  8. Chaplain

All positions except reporter and chaplains are to be held by senior girls.

Article III
Duties of Officers

Section 1  Majorette shall preside over the corps during marching practices and performances and uniform inspections.
Section 2  Ass’t Majorette shall preside in the absence of the majorette.
Section 3  Bagpipe Captain shall be in charge of the bagpipers and shall have power to call bagpipe sessionals whenever she deems necessary.
Section 4  Drum Captain shall be in charge of drummers and shall have power to call drum sessionals whenever she deems necessary.
Section 5  Trumpet Captain shall be in charge of trumpeters and shall have power to call drum sessionals whenever she deems necessary.
Section 6  Instrumental assistants shall preside in the absence of the captains and on Assistant’s Night. (See also Section 15)
Section 7  President shall preside at all meetings and organize activities of the corps.
Section 8  Vice President shall assist the president and preside in her absence and shall act as social chairman.
Section 9  Secretary shall keep accurate records of all meeting and be in charge of all correspondence. She must also keep a file of all correspondence which she has made a carbon copy for.
Section 10  Treasurer shall keep account of all funds and pay all authorized debts.
Section 11  Historian shall keep a scrapbook of all activities of the corps  and be in charge of keeping the trophy case attractive.
Section 12  Parliamentarian shall advise on rules of order during meetings.
Section 13  Reporter shall see that all activities are sufficiently publicized.
Section 14  Chaplain shall conduct all devotions
Section 15  Assistants shall preside during 1 football game and either parade and an assembly or both (depending on how many performances there are scheduled).

Article IV
Personal Standards

Section 1  A Kiltie shall be a lady at all times with high moral standards.

  1. No Kiltie shall smoke.
  2. No Kiltie shall use profane language.
  3. No Kiltie shall wear short shorts on campus.
  4. No Kiltie shall drink intoxicants.

Section 2  To retain membership, all girls must remain unmarried and unengaged.
Section 3  The penalty for any violation of the above shall be decided by the sponsor and the administrative assistant.

Article V

Section 1  Money shall be appropriated from the music department or from the school activities’ fund.

Article VI

Section 1  The corps shall hold weekly meetings unless deemed otherwise by the sponsor, the day to be determined by a simple majority vote of the members at the first business meeting.
Section 2  Executive meetings shall be called whenever deemed necessary by the president or sponsor.
Section 3  Members must attend meetings, practices, and performances unless excused by the sponsor.
Section 4  Four unexcused absences will result in probation and five unexcused absences will result in dismissal.
Section 5  The sponsor shall decide what will constitute an unexcused absence and what will be the terms of probation.

Article VII

Section 1  This constitution may be amended by a three-fourths vote of any regular meeting.



  • Whenever a corps member accumulates 5 demerits per semester, or has lower than 1.95 on both current and cumulative grade point averages, she will be dropped from the corps. The alternate with the highest tryout score will take her place as a regular member of the corps.
  • Whenever a corps member accumulates 5 demerits per summer, she will not be allowed to perform at the first game. An alternate who has attended sufficient practices will take her place for that performance.
  • During the school year, if a corps member misses more than one practice per week for a particular performance whether excused or not, she will not perform at the game in question. An alternate who has attended sufficient practices will take her place for that performance.
  • A demerit will be given at the discretion of the sponsor in the following cases;
    1. Whenever a person is unexcused for missing a meeting, practice, or performance.
    a.  An excused absence is one in which the girl is ill or there is a death in the immediate family. In this case, the mother must call the sponsor or the school          each day of illness.
    b.   Exceptions are left to the discretion of the sponsor and majorette.
    2.  Whenever a person is absent from performance without prior notification of the sponsor so that an alternate can be designated to take her place.
    3.  Whenever observed smoking, using obscene language, or chewing gum in uniform at performances.
    4.  Whenever she does not wear her complete uniform when required, or if it is not clean and neat in appearance.
    5.  Whenever she displays uncooperative behavior with president, sponsor, or instructors.
    6.  Whenever she is tardy or leaves early from a meeting, practice, or event in which she is to participate, without proper permission.
  •  It shall be the responsibility of the sponsor, when advised by the officers, to inform a girl of her dismissal from the corps or her disqualification from a particular performance.

1970-1971 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


Mrs. Mary Boyer

Dena Steele – Majorette
Karen Walker – Assistant Majorette

Baker, Janet
Bills, Phyllis
Blaylock, Diane
Burdett, Marsha
Carter, Vicky*
Cooper, Linda
Coward, Marilyn – Bagpipe Captain
Crane, Kathy – Assistant Senior Twirler
Creed, Rosetta
Davenport, Cindy – Assistant Drum Captain
Davis, Susann**
Duncan, Arthurine**
Duncan, Debbie
Farabee, Suzy
Franklin, Monica – Trumpet Captain
Frazier, Janice
Gibson, Becky – Assistant Bagpipe Captain
Grisham, Diane
Highfill, Oma
Jackson, Karen – Senior Twirler
Jacobs, Shelly
Loughridge, Lisa – Assistant Trumpet Captain
Lucas, Connie*
McKee, Becky
Maggard, Connie*
Mangan, Charlotte
Mills, Barbara
Pike, Ann
Pratt, Jocelyn
Schuchman, Pam
Shaw, Esther*
Shuck, Kathy
Smittle, Caren
Thompson, Navita
Walker, Diane
Walker, Suzie
Warren, Terry**
Williams, Gail – Drum Captain
Winger, Connie

*Connie Lucas, Esther Shaw, Vicky Carter and Connie Maggard left the corps and were replaced by **Terry Warren, Arthurine Duncan and Susann Davis.

1969-1970 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


Farewell to Honorary Kiltie
A surprise birthday party and farewell was held the evening of June 23 in the home of Miss Jane Lutz, 828 North Lone Pine.
The party was in honor of Silvana Da Silva, the foreign exchange student of Central High.
Invitations were extended to members of the Kiltie Drum Corps and members of last year. Those attending gathered at the home of Miss Marsha McArthur and went as a group to the party. Time was spent reminiscing over the past year.
Refreshments served included a white sheet cake decorated in purple and green with the words Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage, lime and vanilla ice cream, and punch.
Miss Da Silva was presented with a charm bracelet, a gift from the Kiltie Drum Corps of which she is an honorary member.
Miss Da Silva left Wednesday morning, June 25, for a three week tour of the United States before returning to her home in Brazil.

Kiltie Officers Chosen
Kiltie Drum Corps members chose officers for the year 1969-1970, June 26, at Washington Park. The Kilties marched to the park where they were greeted by their out-going sponsor, Mrs. Judy Tilton. Mrs. Tilton had prepared doughnuts and orange juice for refreshments.

Mrs. Mary Boyer

Carolyn Mitchell, Majorette
Sunday Brock – Assistant Majorette, Secretary

Adams, Debbie – Senior Twirler, Historian
Anderson, Carol
Baker, Janet
Bassham, Janet – Assistant Bagpipe Captain
Beckdahl, Beth – Assistant Trumpet Captain, President
Bills, Phyllis
Coward, Marilyn
Crane, Kathy
Creed, Rosetta**
Davenport, Cindy
Davis, Alice – Assistant Drum Captain
Franklin, Monica
Gibson, Becky
Hefner, Marilyn
Herndon, Dana
Hillhouse, Janice – Trumpet Captain
Hume, Karen – Junior Twirler
Jackson, Karen
Knapp, Charlotte*
Lucas, Connie**
McKee, Becky
Malas, Rita – Assistant Senior Twirler
Mangan, Vicky
Mason, Karen – Drum Captain, Parliamentarian
Mason, Joyce – Bagpipe Captain, Vice President
Palmer, Payon – Treasurer
Pike, Ann
Quehl, Judy
Rosen, Nancy*
Ruckman, Kathy
Saunders, Della
Schuchman, Pam
Shaw, Esther – Chaplain
Shuck, Kathy
Smittle, Caren
Steele, Dena – Assistant Junior Twirler, Reporter
Walker, Karen
Walker, Linda
Williams, Gail



*Charlotte Knapp and Nancy Rosen dropped out and were replaced by **Connie Lucas and Rosetta Creed

2017-2018 Kiltie Drum & Bugle Corps



Mrs. Jessica Freeman
Ms. Angelique Brown
Majorette – Rachael Magnan
Assistant Majorette – Samantha Lick

Captain and Twirler – Samantha Lick
Assistant Captain, American Flag, Assistant Twirler – GraceAnn Hall
Twirler – Alissa German
Kiltie Flag – Olivia Shelton
Banner Twirler – Stormy Walter

Captain – Kayla Lick
Assistant Captain – Alandra Hutchens
Taniya Thompson
Kylie Hampton
Sophia Gentle
Kami Tague

Captain – Kaylee Petersen
Assistant Captain – Kristy Warner
Kailey Bradshaw
Krista Jackson
Zoee Albers
Whitney Hatfield
Destini Gray

Captain – Gabby Givens
Assistant Captain – Tiernae Legendre
Lexi Goforth
Danielle Estay
Antaneia Mathews
Kennedy Delp
Cheyanne Lick
Jensyn Langguth
Cheyanne Twitchel
Emily Kelley

Captain – Janelle Treat
Assistant Captain – KyLei Pritchard
Oshera Griffen
Jade Hall
Lamarianah Morris
Olivia Conway
Chelsea Mendell
Erynn Campbell

Captain Jam – Angelea Bound (Bass)
Assistant Captain Jam – Makayla McCrimmons (Cymbals)
Bass- Elisha Moller

Kiltie Mascots

Baby Kiltie – Lilly Freeman
Junior Kiltie – Kendahl McCrimmons

Logan Lawrence
Dolin Ituarte

In Memory – Tiffany Baker, 1994-1996 Kiltie

*Whenever possible, the obituaries of Kiltie Alumni will be posted. It is important to remember those who marched before us.*

150x228-4833529Tiffany Ren’nee Baker, 38, of Springfield, MO and Mesa, Arizona passed away Wednesday, February 8, 2017 in her home. Tiffany was born September 18, 1978 in Springfield, MO to Jimmie Baker and Brenda Sinclair.

She attended both Central High School and Strafford High School and later attended Ozarks Technical Community College. Tiffany ran an antique store and was passionate about her children, antiques, reading, and dresses. She loved going shopping, going to the river and being in nature, skydiving and working, Tiffany loved baseball and softball. She loved being a cheerleader and a Kiltie in school. Tiffany married Carl Barret Britt II in November of 1995. She is survived by 3 children Christopher and Alexandia Britt and her son Ethan Moore. She is also survived by her sister Brandy Bills and two brothers, Donald Bills and Jay Baker her grandparents Jerry and Berniece Prier along with her friends John Cole and Amanda Coleman.

Tiffany was beautiful and had a very kind soul. She was always full of life and had the best smile and the most contagious laugh. She had wonderful taste in music and was silly even when it wasn’t appropriate. Tiffany would stop anywhere for a fork in the road.
A special thank you to all the friends and family for helping us through this time.

Services will be at 7:00 P.M. Thursday, February 16, 2017 at Greenlawn Funeral Home East with visitation from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. prior to the service.


In Memory – Eulamae (Alfred) Love Byron, 1943-1944 Kiltie

*Whenever possible, the obituaries of Kiltie Alumni will be posted. It is important to remember those who marched before us.*
Eulamae Byron (Granny Love)

Eulamae Byron (Love) Born 12/6/1927, daughter of Charles and Wauneta Alfred passed away on her 89th Birthday, 12/6/2016. Granny Love, as she was called by most that knew her, was born in Springfield, MO where she attended Central High School and was a member of the Kilties (photo above).

Eulamae received her Bachelor’s in Fine Art (Music) from the University of Missouri as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Upon graduating she travelled the world for several years touring with the Hormel Girls Orchestra as a concert violinist. She married Dr. Walter Wallis Love September the 23rd 1946. She was a fantastic cook and loved to entertain. Eulamae and Walter loved to dance and were members of the Beaux Bells Dance Club. Eulamae was the spirited mother of 4 sons: Gary Love, Dr. Gregory Love, Dr. Gerry Love, and Dr. Gerard Love.

When Walter lost his life after a long battle with cancer, Eulamae spent several years off the dance floor. She met Clifton Byron and had a 2nd chance at love. Eulamae danced again. She buried Cliff less than three years after marriage, also to cancer. Eulamae was a lifelong supporter and donated often to the American Cancer Society having survived cancer herself. Eulamae had her final dance with Grandson Kyle Love at his wedding to Maria Palmer (Love) last April.

Eulamae loved her time on Sheridan in Springfield and her time in Willard, MO on Cedar Lake Ranch. There were peacocks, snapping turtles, cats, dogs, snakes, deer, and a lot of curious grandchildren. Eulamae was active in the PTA, Bridge Club, and was a founding member at Twin Oaks Country Club. Eulamae was an avid water-skier and spent many weekends at Lake-of-the-Ozarks with Walter and her 4 boys.

Eulamae loved to play bridge and was involved in Cub and Boy scouts. She was a lifelong horse aficionado starting her life in horsemanship showing 5-gated English Saddlebreds. In her later years Eulamae and her husband Walter raised Half-Arabian show horses. Eulamae and Walter traded in the country life for Table Rock Lake where Walter lived out his final years. Her love for music, dancing, animals, and the lake has been passed down to everyone in Eulamae’s family.

Eulamae was preceded in death by her parents, her 1st husband Dr. Walter Wallis Love, her 2nd husband Clifton Byron, and her son Gary Alfred Love. Eulamae is survived by her sons: Dr. Gregory Love (Jody) of Madison, WI, Dr. Gerry Love (Becky) of New Hartford, NY, and Dr. Gerard Love (Diane) of Hilton Head, SC. Eulamae and Walter welcomed their 5th son Keyhan Sinai of San Jose, CA through the AFS exchange program. Granny had 14 grandchildren: Brian Love (Rhena), Jeffrey Love, Joseph Love, Kyle Love (Maria), Charlie Love, Kate Harsh (Tony), Andrew Love (Julie), Tony Love, Jacob Love, Ashley Love, Victoria Love, Noah Love, Deirdre and Seamus Love. Eulamae had four Great Grand Children, Connor Love, Sidney Love, Eli Love, and Hazel Harsh.

Granny Love was a devout Catholic at St. Joseph in Springfield, MO. She loved her small group meetings with St. Joseph parish members. Eulamae was extremely close to her daughter-in-law Cyndi Berry and Cyndi’s husband, Troy. Granny was the Grand in Grand Parent and the Grandest of Great Grandparents. She shined bright in these moments. Her impression will last forever. Eulamae was especially close and supportive to the strong women in her life: Cyndi Berry, Jody Love, Diane Love, Rhena Love, Maria Love, Kate Harsh, and Deirdre Love. We will miss Granny’s vibrant soul and indomitable spirit. God needed 89 years to get ready for Granny. The music that was her life will play forever.

Eulamae’s visitation will be at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 12/10/16 at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Springfield, MO. The funeral Mass will follow at 10:00 a.m., Father Denis Dougherty OSB, celebrant. She will be interred at White Chapel on Division Street immediately following the funeral service. Special thanks to the friends, community, and staff at The Gardens in Springfield, MO where Granny lived out her final years.

Published in the News-Leader on Dec. 9, 2016– See more at:


In Memory – Bonnie Lea (Tiede) Eggers, Kiltie

*Whenever possible, the obituaries of Kiltie Alumni will be posted. It is important to remember those who marched before us.*
Bonnie Lea Eggerssnl072377-1_20160808

Bonnie Lea Eggers, 82, of Springfield, MO passed away at 9:30 am on Sunday, August 7, 2016 in Springfield. She graduated from Central High School where she was a proud Kiltie. She was also a Figure Skater. Bonnie was an accomplished artist who loved to paint, and spent most of her life making beautiful quilts.

She was preceded in death by her father, Smilie Tiede, mother, Angie Barrett, and daughter, Angie Cloud.

She is survived by her husband Bob Eggers of Springfield; sisters, Anna Lou Whitehead of Georgia and Patti Ga Barrett of Springfield; daughter Missie Cloud of Springfield; sons Steve Eggers (Cindi) of Ozark and Rocky Cloud (Brad Williams) of Springfield; daughter Sandy Stroud of Springfield; grandchildren Angi Cloud and Ryan Cloud of Springfield, Amanda Loe of Nixa, and Faith Stroud of Springfield; great grandchildren Caleb, Ethan, and Ben Lawson, Daisey Warriner, Reece and Izzy Loe, and Coral Engemann; four great great grandchildren, and a lifetime of friends and family.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 11:00 am at Gorman-Scharpf Funeral Home. A visitation will be held from 10:00 am until the time of service. Burial will follow at Brookline Cemetery.

Published in the News-Leader on Aug. 9, 2016