2016-2017 Kiltie Drum & Bugle Corps

Jessica Freeman
Courtney Ellis

Majorette – Gabrielle Mills
Assistant Majorette – Michelle Lawson

Captain and Twirler – Samantha Lick
Assistant Captain and Twirler – GraceAnn Hall
Assistant Twirler – Alissa German
Banner – Jenna Lawson
Kiltie Flag – Becca McMillan
American Flag – Bethany Carlisle

Captain – Izzy Pedraza
Assistant Captain – Kayla Lick
Trumpet – Montana Peebles
Trumpet – Sierra Hall
Trumpet – Decy Worthington
Trumpet – Madison Reece

Captain – Morgan Steadman
Assistant Captain – Kristy Warner
Bagpipe – Kaylee Petersen
Bagpipe – Piper Johnston
Bagpipe – Teea Oram
Bagpipe – Cheyanna Carden
Bagpipe – Kenzie Wilt
Bagpipe – Krista Jackson

Captain – Makayla McCrimmons
Assistant Captain – Rachael Magnan
Snare – Michelle Lawson
Snare – Chelsea Mendell
Snare – Alex Hoyt
Snare – Kaylin Anderson
Snare – Cami Tague
Snare – Aleena Havens
Snare – Janelle Treat
Snare – Ashlyn Vauble
Snare – Carlee Brown

Captain – Tiernae Legendre
Assistant Captain – Mari-Rose Winter
Tenor – Gabrielle Givens
Tenor – Alissa German
Tenor – Camaran Brown
Tenor – Whitney Hatfield
Tenor – Sydney Bright
Tenor – Emily Kelley
Tenor – Cheyanne Lick
Tenor – Jacquelyn Alway
Tenor – Olivia Conway
Tenor – Jaclyn Huff

Captain and Bass – Helen Drury
Assistant Captain and Bass, Cymbals – Zoee Albers
Bass and Cymbals – Angelea Bound

In Memory – Mary Jane (McGhee) Hart, 1935-1937 Kiltie

*Whenever possible, the obituaries of Kiltie Alumni will be posted. It is important to remember those who marched before us.*

Mary Jane Hart

Mary Jane Hart, beloved wife, mother, caregiver and friend passed away peacefully on March 22, 2016 at the age of 96.

She was born February 26, 1920 in Van Buren, Missouri to Fred E. and Margaret C. (Crawford) McGhee. She attended Senior High School (Central) where she participated with Dr. Ritchie Robertson’s Kiltie drum corps.

She attended Southwest Missouri State Teacher’s College (MSU) where she was a member of the predecessor club to Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

On Columbus Day, 1940 she married Eugene C. Hart, who preceded her in death. As a member of the Greatest Generation, she spent her life caring for her family and friends.

She is survived by three children, Elizabeth Ann of Nova Scotia, R. Steven (Elisa) and David (Susan), both of Springfield. Also surviving are six grandchildren: Debra Tsang, Jenifer Tsang, Beth Gann, Sarah Ashford Hart, Austin Hart, Mandy Morris and three great-grandchildren.

Mary Jane will always be remembered for her humor and compassion toward others. She will be interred at Springfield National Cemetery. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 AM, March 31, 2016, at Trinity Presbyterian Church (Westminster Presbyterian Church building), under the care of Gorman-Scharpf Funeral Home, Reverend Mary Wright officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the charity of the donor’s choice.

 Source: Published in the News-Leader on Mar. 27, 2016

1943-1944 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


James P. Robertson

Ada M. Brown

Frances Duemler

Alfred, Eula May
Baty, Joan
Bishop, Marion
Buyske, Lucille
Cole, Betty
Cox, Anna Lee
Curnutt, Shirley
Ebrite, Wilma Rae
Elzea, Evelyn
Gafner, Helen
Hamar, Jennie Jo
Hartsock, Betty
Jenkins, Viola
Lines, Marilyn
Little, Peggy Lou
Lusk, Ann
Michael, Margaret
Montgomery, Julia
Nichols,  Margaret
Powell, Mary Sue
Price, Mary
Queen, Virginia
Rice, Martha
Sawtelle, Gladys
Schmid, Adele
Scott, Norma Jean
Shane, Evelyn
Smith, Bete
Stevens, Patsy
Sweetin, Shirley
Taylor, Marion
Watson, Betty Ann
Wise, Patricia

1942-1943 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps

1942-43 Kilties(2)

James P. Robertson

Mary E. McKinnell
Ada M. Brown


Brookshire, Martha
Cochran, Evelyn
Cox, Mildred
Cunningham, Mary
Doran, Margie
Eckles, Helen Anne
Ford, Patsy
Foster, Florence
Gafner, Helen
Gay, Norma
Genung, Hortense
Gilmore, June
Hartsock, Betty
Hill, Martha Mae
Hofmeister, Ernestine
Kelly, Louise
Martin, Rosalie
Mitchell, Erma Lee
Morelock, Betty Lou
Gladys, Polly
Powell, Mary Sue
Sampey, Betty
Schaller, Billie Ann
Schellhardt, Suzanne
Sherer, Ann
Shirk, Barbara
Swarens, Cleo
Sweetin, Shirley
Turrentine, Mary
Underwood, Martha
Upshaw, Nancy
Wade, Barbara
Walker, Rosalind
Wickersham, Wilma Jean
Williams, Norma
Willoughby, Betty
Wommack, Peggy
Young, Louise

1941-1942 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


James P. Robertson

Mary E. McKinnell

Imogene Burton

Brookshire, Martha
Chaudet, Mary Ellen
Cribbs, Dorothy Jane
Croy, Willyne
Cunningham, Mary Louise
Doran, Margie
Duren, Dorothy
Ford, Patsy
Gay, Norma
Genung, Hortense
Guston, Caroline
Hasler, Nancy
Henset, Norma
Herrman, Harriet
Hofmeister, Ernestine
Leibeck, Rose Marie
Leonhardt, Dorothy
Mitchell, Bettie
Morelock, Betty Lou
Moser, Roberta
Nixon, Julie
Powell, Martha Lou
Schaller, Billie Ann
Sheppard, Elizabeth
Shipman, Arminta
Staples, Martha Jean
Turrentine, Mary
Underwood, Martha
Wade, Barbara
Wadell, Martha
Wickersham, Wanda

1939-1940 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


R. Ritchie Robertson
James P. Robertson

Mary Catherine Cunningham

Dorothy Moskowitz

Anderson, Patty Lou
Bucher, Virginia
Dewey, Estelle
Elkins, Jean
Ellis, Laura
Freeman, Ruth
Fulton, Mary Jean
Geoffrey, Marion
Gilman, Sarah Lee
Hawkins, Virginia
Hickman, Mabel
Holt, Jacqueline
Kennemer, Dorothy Ann
Kirtland, Jackie
Lewis, Florence
McAdams, Mary Forrest
Martin, Margaret
Moore, Joan
Mutz, Laura Mae
Neighbors, Betty Jo
Ormsbee, Betty Lee
Parke, Pauline
Quick, Betty Lou
Rathbone, Betty Jean
Robertson, Betty Jean
Sandford, Sue
Schellhardt, Martha Ruth
Shackelford, Josephine
Williams, Betty Lou
Wingo, Marjorie
Wood, June

1997-1998 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


Sunday Jones
Carrie Potter (Interim)

Majorette – Crystal Sexton
Assistant Majorette – Mellissa Knight

Twirler – Asia Johnson
Twirler – Amanda Myers
Twirler – Autumn Gamble
Twirler (Alternate) – Corina Grigore
American Flag – Tina Wiles
Kiltie Flag – Dana Sloan
Kiltie Banner – Kelly Cox

Trumpet Captain – Kristina Moore
Trumpet – April Hanson
Trumpet – Katie Kring
Trumpet – Sara Potter

Bagpipe Captain – Corina Grigore
Assistant Bagpipe Captain – Mellissa Knight
Bagpipe – Jessamyn Crosswhite
Bagpipe – Hannah Duff
Bagpipe – Jessie Egli
Bagpipe – Stephanie Shadwick

Snare Drums
Snare Captain – Davida Blakey
Snare Captain – Amber Stepp
Assistant Snare Captain – Amanda Myers
Snare – Emily Davis
Snare – Alyssa Depew
Snare – Reynese McDonald
Snare – Andrea Phillips
Snare – Jennifer Stapp
Snare – Lara Sturgis
Snare – Heather Tindle

Tenor Drums
Tenor Captain – Alecia Shells
Assistant Tenor Captain/Tenor Captain – Veronica Gonzales
Tenor – Crystal Bilyeu
Tenor – Tiffany Crane
Tenor – Donette Dancer
Tenor – LaDawna Martin
Tenor – Amanda Wallace
Tenor – Tawny Williams

Bass Drum – Jessica Matthews
Bass Drum – Donna Boyle

1996-1997 Kiltie Drum and Bugle Corps


Kathy Lea
Becky Killian

Kiltie Mascots/Baby Kiltie
Bridget Rapp

Majorette – Alyssa Dutcher
Assistant Majorette – Jennifer Otradovec

Auxiliary Captain, Twirler – Rebecca Davault
Twirler – Crystal Sexton
American Flag – Annie Crumbaugh
Kiltie Flag – Davida Blakey
Kiltie Banner – Asia Johnson

Trumpet Captain – Jennifer Otradovec
Assistant Trumpet Captain – Kristina Moore
Trumpet – Bavonna Alderson
Trumpet – Amanda Harlan

Bagpipe Captain – Lisa McCarthy
Assistant Bagpipe Captain – Corina Grigore
Bagpipe – Mellissa Knight
Bagpipe – Sonja Nichols
Bagpipe – Helen Willis (Later moved to Cymbals)

Snare Drums
Snare Captain – Gloria Hairston
Assistant Snare Captain/Snare Captain – Heather Peck
Snare – Amy Barnes
Snare – Shawna Lee
Snare – Amanda Myers
Snare – Kristen Stark
Snare – Amber Stepp

Tenor Drums
Tenor Captain – Shawna Crouch
Assistant Tenor Captain/Tenor Captain – Veronica Gonzales
Tenor – Tianna Andrews
Tenor – Nicole Massey
Tenor – Amber Sangalli
Tenor – Alecia Shells
Tenor – Rachael Vedder

Bass Drum – April Hanson
Bass Drum – Jessica Matthews
Cymbals – Helen Willis